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About Cerebral

Company Biography

CEREBRAL was born out of a desire to nurture the often-neglected right brain of a child. With the understanding that the right hemisphere of the brain is our creative center, our programs in language, speech & drama, visual arts and performance arts focus on helping a child discover and develop their creativity. This will, in turn, lead to the full and balanced functioning of both sides of their brain and ultimately, enhanced whole-brain intelligence. The areas of our expertise include:
  • Speech & Drama, English & Mandarin
  •  Visual Arts
  •  Performance Arts
  • Corporate & Private Events

Our Mission

  • To foster independent thinking in a creative environment
  • To inspire, nuture, challenge, amaze, educate, enrich, and empower young minds, through the arts
  • Creating opportunities for children to develop talents in all aspects of the arts

Our Vision

Our aim is to offer art (both visual & performing) classes in schools. Our creative team of artists, trained educators and inspiring administrators are dedicated to teaching art education to little and big people and helping them from the first moment they walk through our door. What we all believe is that it doesn't matter how old a person is, its about taking part and discovering the artist within one's self.

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Life skills that will not only prepare a child for the future, but also help them stand out.