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September 8, 2019 Children's Party, Party

How to Organize a Rock Chic Party

We love it when little girls pick a theme utterly opposite of what you expect them to. Rock Chic party!!!

We often expect our daughters to pick a Princess theme or the Frozen theme, which sometimes can get a little overdone and somewhat cringe-worthy after attending party after party of the same type of girls’ parties. Whereas Rock Chic parties are edgy and fun for girls too!

Rock Chic Girls Party - Cerebral


Creating the Theme

A Rock Chic themed birthday party is exhilarating to create. The theme can consist of ideas like customizing cut-outs of adorable little rock chic girl images and stick them on shot glasses and toothpicks. While Mini iPods can be created by printing out ‘Record’ cut-outs and sticking them onto tic tac boxes.


Rock Chic Party Accessories - Cerebral


Other Rock Chic accessories include microphone candy tubes, keyboards made out of chocolates, and hot glue gunning Ferrero Rochers onto a ukulele to make a golden collared mini guitar. Rock Chic parties are definitely one party where one can let their creative juices flow.


Rock Chic Party Microphone Accessories - Cerebral


As for the activities, a music video starring the birthday girl would be a great idea, with the other guests doing a short choreography as back-up dancers in the chorus. The various takes can be edited and pieced together quickly and played right after the cake cutting. Your daughter and her friends will have a rock-solid time!

If you do not want to plan and organize the party yourself, then let Cerebral party planners organize the party for yours. This includes the quick editing of the video on-site for a great keepsake for your precious Rock Chic girl!

Other Party Ideas

Ready to plan a party for your child, besides a Rock Chic party, here are some of our other favorites:

  • Dino-mite
  • Space invaders
  • Donuts & Sprinkles
  • Cowboys & Indians

Get in touch with us, so we can start planning your truly magical event!