September 18, 2019 News

Kursed – Extended Due to Popular Demand

Cerebral Singapore, in collaboration with Mega Adventure Singapore, and actor, playwright, and director Jonathan Lim, is proud to bring to you a terrifying new horror experience that will seed new nightmares this Halloween.
This hybrid adventure combines the race-against-time thrill of an escape room, with the twisted thematic scares of a haunted house tour. More than passive visitors queueing to be jump-scared, players are plunged into a dark mission, performing spine-chilling tasks and confronting fearsome spirits to make it out alive.

The Adventure

Deep inside a hilltop forest on Pulau Blakang Mati sits a long-abandoned kampung. Abandoned by the living, at least. This cursed village is the domain of the island’s oldest Pontianak, and the dwellers are either her servants or her prisoners. Once you stumble into her domain, escape is only possible if you play her wicked game and carry out her terrifying tasks.

Face challenges as you navigate this forest of fear, where mischievous spirits watch from the trees, and notorious Hantu awaits you around every bend. Be prepared to encounter the most terrifying figures of Malay ghostlore – the undead Pocong, the child-stealing Hantu Tetek, the disembodied Hantu Penanggalan, and of course, the big sister of our nightmares – the Pontianak herself!

Only success and survival will allow the group to depart the kampung in one piece!




PREVIEW: Wed, 16th October – Thur, 17th October 2019

PUBLIC: Fri, 18th October – Sun, 17th November 2019

EVENT TIME SLOT: 8 pm, 9 pm, and 10 pm

EVENT VENUE: Somewhere on Pulau Belakang Mati


Weekdays: $52/pax

Weekends: $58/pax

NOTE: Each adventure slot only accommodates a maximum of 12 players.


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