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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my child need to attend this program every year? It is strongly recommended that your child remain in our program for at least two years.  We have a thirteen-year cycle of curriculum. Your child will never repeat a single lesson throughout his/her time with us.  With a two-year program, your child would have participated in at least two presentations and productions and have time to develop and practice effective communication and social skills.   2. Are there any exams or tests that my child needs to take? Unlike other speech and drama programs, our focus is in the development of the child in verbal communication and social skills.  These skills are not developed in a test specific environment but in a dynamic, lively and engaging one to enable each child to progress at his/her own pace. Therefore, the child will grow in a very natural environment free from examination and tests stress.  However, all children in our program do participate in a year-end production for family and friends.   3. What qualifications do your teachers have? Our trainers are all drama-trained specialists from the International Helen O’Grady Drama Academy.  The trainers are either qualified teachers or hold professional teaching and training qualifications with knowledge in pre-school and/or child psychology.   4. What does my child do during the classes? With a thirteen year cycle of curriculum, your child will participate actively in various segments of work each week.  These include Introductory activities, Speech Development, Movement Skills, Improvisation, Mini-Scripts and Snippets. During Presentation and Production Terms, your child will participate in a short scripted production for family and friends.   5. How is your curriculum different from others in the market? The Helen O’Grady Drama System has been developed and workshopped in more than 1,400 locations in over 150 branches around the world.  We are the only international children’s drama of its kind in the world aimed at producing enthusiastic and confident children equipped with good verbal communication and social skills.   6. I have no intentions to have my child pursue an acting career, why should I attend your classes? The aim of our drama program is one of self-development.  Children learn various life skills to enhance their self-esteem and confidence through acting in different stories and situations.  These life skills include presentation, verbal communication, teamwork, leadership, critical analysis and decision-making.  As our program does not aim to produce “Stars” it allows every child to participate effectively in every lesson.   7. Are your teachers native English speaking? Not all our teachers are native-English speaking. It is also not necessary to have native-English speaking teachers. We do not teach our students to speak with a slang. We teach them to speak good and clear English of international standards. The important thing to note is that all our teachers have teaching background and are experienced educators.   8. I would like to offer this program at my childcare center/kindergarten. What should I do? We currently have arrangements to send our trainers to different childcare centers/kindergartens to conduct classes. Please let us have your contact details so that our Executive Principal can get in touch with you to understand your specific requirements better and work out an arrangement that meets your requirements.   9. How much do I have to pay to let my child/ward attend these classes in Studios? The term fee for each student typically starts at S$280. Each term consists of 10 lessons of 1-hour duration per week. We have done our best to keep our costs low so that our student fees are also competitive.