the right way

Little Groovers


All children possess a natural sense of movement.

With our dance enrichment program, children will discover the beauty of movement while, at the same time, build a strong foundation of technical skills.

This will not only prepare them for growth in their technical dance skills but also help develop their thinking skills in a way that will benefit both their academic performance and physical well being.

Every term culminates in a end-of-term dance performance where students will showcase their skills

Our Key Objectives:

  • Discipline
  • Any form of dance requires discipline.
  • Practicing discipline in class builds a strong foundation for growth in technique.
  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Our specially crafted exercises will improve body control and physical awareness.
  • Creativity
  • Creativity is an important aspect in all forms of dance and will be explored during every class.
  • Expression through movement
  • Confidence in expression is a central focus of our program.
  • Expression through both facial and physical movement will be explored during every class.
  • Participation in our end-of-term performance will also help develop confidence in
    expression through movement.