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Art Bug is Singapore’s leading progressive visual arts center, offering a variety of fun and interactive programs focused on activating right-brain development through artistic expression. We aim to inspire and nurture the imagination through captivating activities catered to a wide range of ages and skill levels in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, dance, drama, and speech. Created by, and for, art enthusiasts, Art Bug has successfully developed several engaging programs that effectively integrate right-brain learning into a dynamic curriculum perfect for the novice or advanced artists alike. Our programs are offered on an ongoing basis, so there is truly no better time than now to get started in one of our courses and learn to ignite the creative artist within.

The right hemisphere is the creative control center of the brain, responsible for improvisation, visual imagery, imagination, creative thinking, and strategic problem-solving. Exposure to activities that stimulate right-brain functionality during a child’s developmental age promotes a well-rounded approach to learning and growth. Right-brain training improves a child’s memory, their ability to stay focused, and the speed and comprehension rate when processing important information. Our programs help to supplement our educational system’s left-brain focused curriculum, resulting in a holistic approach to brain development and learning–creating more imaginative, intelligent, and happy children.

Art Bug’s programs have been founded with children’s developmental ages and stages in mind, so we can productively meet each child where they are, and nurture them as they grow. Young children need flexibility, safety and routine, and our cerebral teachers consciously create that nurturing space that allows children to be actively engaged in the learning process. Our mission is to enable children to thrive by becoming confident, resilient, and life-long learners through creativity and self-expression. For more details on each of the Art Bug programs we offer at Cerebral, please explore the links below.

Online Classes Are Now Available

Art Bug Classes are now online. Read more about Art Bug Online Classes on our blog post.


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Baby Bug - Cerebral

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Young Art at Cerebral

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