The Difference is So Dramatic

The Difference is So Dramatic

Helen O’Grady was a successful actress, TV presenter & teacher from Perth, Australia. In 1979, she translated her knowledge and skills into a curriculum that would help students develop confidence in verbal communication and social skills. Having seen success since, the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy was globalized by means of franchising.

World Recognition

    • Helen O’Grady has been recognized and accorded FELLOW status by Trinity College in June 2004 for her significant contribution to children’s development in communication and social skills around the world. Our drama programme has world recognition for what it has managed to do in the development of children and public speaking ability.
    • Our Drama Academy is one of its kind! The internationally-acclaimed curriculum is being taught in over 150 branches in six continents:
      • 50,000 students attending drama classes each week!
      • 1,400 locations throughout the countries of operation!

Unmatched Curriculum

    • Our internationally-acclaimed curriculum is systematic and addresses needs from pre-school to late teens. Students are able to assimilate into the system without any pre-requisites. Our programme features copyrighted music accompanying plays, scripts & mimes.

Unique Delivery Techniques

    • All lessons are fast-paced that keep students engaged. Children who have been in the programme have demonstrated success in developing confidence and learning faster in class. Techniques such as classroom personalization and feedback approach engage every student.

Specially-trained Teaching Team

    • Every Helen O’Grady teacher has to be trained in the Helen O’Grady System and Techniques. Teachers undergo quarterly training and skills upgrading and go through regular supervision for feedback and quality control.

Good Track Record of Success in Singapore and Around the World

    • Our Academy has received numerous positive feedbacks and testimonies from parents and students.