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Ee Kuo Ren


Having had an illustrious career spanning from Events Management, to Business Development, 15 years managing various portfolios within the Financial sector, sitting on various advisory boards ranging from schools, grassroots, and various charities. My energy and passion have now shifted to focus solely on my very own company, Cerebral. A company dedicated to the pursuit of bringing the best right brain education to children. A role that reaps very different rewards. Entering fatherhood was a defining moment in my career and forced me to step out of my comfort zone. However, there is no better sense of achievement than helping to shape the minds of our children, the youth in our Country, our next Generation. The key to providing children with the foundation for future success in life (in family, school and in their community), and giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential is knowing that and making EVERY experience count for them. They need a consistent, safe & secure environment and the opportunity to explore their world without inhibition.

Ee Kuo Ren Father of Tristan, Jayden, and Tyler