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Jean Chan


Since the day I decided to leave the corporate world to embark on this journey to enrich the lives of young children, every day has been filled with a sense of pride and great achievement. 10 years in the Corporate sector has provided me with the necessary tools required to not only be successful in managing my company, Cerebral, and leading a team of talented individuals, that are passionate in their craft, but most importantly, years of leadership skills and critical thinking has provided me with the ability to manage my two most important assets, my two boys. Being a parent, I’ve come to realize how crucial the first 5 years are, and how ideal it is to engage a child’s mind. To create that foundation for learning and growth that helps them thrive academically, emotionally and socially in all the years to follow. Unlike many things in life that may occasionally offer us a second chance, I know that we only have this one chance in our children’s life to not only prepare them for the future but also to help them shine in our competitive society.

Jean Chan Mother to Isaac and Darius